Poor man…

Yesterday I was sitting in one of IBM”s cafeterias and saw this guy, with IBM badge, walking around in circles and between the tables. He was staring at his phone while he is walking here and there, looking under the tables and chairs and making happy, sad, and weird faces.

I swear this is what I thought of while I was looking at him. “Poor man, he seems to have some mental illness or into some drugs.” Then I was like “good for IBM for having him. Maybe they are doing some research on him to cure his illness. Or maybe they have a program to hire people with very low IQ to help them develop their brains. But anyway, I should be respectful and stop staring at him. I wish him best of luck to overcome his challenges”. And turned back to my coffee and laptop.

Later I heard that guy talking to another person who also was walking in circles saying he caught 5 Pokémons.


Gym Manners

I usually don’t care about what other people do in the Gym. But there are some manners that I believe any Gym should propose or even enforce on their members in order to keep an environment where everyone has a good efficient workout.
Today at the Gym, I recently signed to in NY, there was a couple using the squat rack. The Gym was packed and there were only one rack available. I was literally waiting for 15 minutes for them to finish. They were talking, laughing, and even cuddling and kissing! I finally walked to them and asked if they are done. They got so mad at me! But I didn’t care and kept standing behind the rack till they got annoyed and left. I wished if the Gym had some staff walk around to make sure everybody is not wasting everyone else time.
So piece of advice, please be respectful and aware of other people in the Gym.